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Same Day Each Year


The intelligence of milkweed blossoms

to attract flying pollinators

sets my mind to reeling,

thinking about the infinite ineffable

Mysteries of the universe.

How do coyote mothers know

which rendezvous sites are safe

to leave their vulnerable young pups?

How do eastern newts know

when it's time to magically morph 

their red terrestrial bodies to their green aquatic bodies,

when to answer the call to return to their place of birth?

How, in this big, wide world, do hummingbirds know

the way to their ancestral winter home,

when the youngest birds have never been there before?

Furthermore, please appreciate this!

How do older hummingbirds know

to return to their destination, 

after traveling thousands of miles,

on the Exact. Same. Day. Each. Year.

Questions are not necessary to find answers to,

they are guideposts that remind us to be open to seeing.

Kathy Dean

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