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Each day in the forest with Kathy is rich with nature’s surprises and delights.  Kathy’s depth of experience-based knowledge is tremendous.  Her gentle, mischievous, open-hearted teaching make for a fun, focused, committed group.  Definitely recommend whether you are new to tracking or honing your skills!  

Cheryl Dziura-Duke, Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive participant

BEYOND AWESOME!! I am learning things in Kathy’s animal tracking workshop that have sparked my curiosity for years. Her deep knowledge, wisdom and respect for nature allows students to absorb and discover the worlds of our wild animal neighbors.  

Cindy Fisher, Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive participant


I have taken the Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive for three consecutive years because the depth and range of Kathy Dean's teaching and the outdoor classroom she creates provides infinite learning and connection. Time with Kathy gets me out of my head and into my body and spirit in relationship with the natural world.  

Tamsin Flanders, Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive and Hitchcock Center program participant

So happy for the brilliant and wonderful work that Kathy offers!  In this time of so much imbalance in both the natural environment and the human environment, her presence as a teacher with such deep listening to what is here is more important than ever.  

Nancy Edwards, Tracking and Birding by Ear programs participant


I have spent magical days in the woods with Kathy learning how to gently interrogate animal tracks and signs. Since then,, walking through my own backyard and nearby conservation land  has come alive. Kathy's way of teaching, to let the animals themselves 'show and tell' and to stimulate our imagination and humility by asking questions and opening our senses, is the perfect invitation to connect more deeply with  all my relations.  

Dorian Gregory, Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive participant


Kathy’s teachings have transformed my understanding of the natural world and of my place in it.  

Lynn Perry, Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive, VWS Tracking and Women & Trees programs participant

I have learned a bit about teaching over the years and I can say that Kathy is clearly a good teacher. She is patient, aware of everything going on, has a excellent memory,  answers (or helps them answer) everyone’s questions...she is friendly and attentive, and clearly knows what she is talking about. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her!

Chris Hoch, Hitchcock Center board member and program participant


Kathy's level of expertise is unbelievable!! But perhaps more than that is her process, her ability to see and decipher, that astounds me most and makes her a great naturalist and instructor.

Janice Sorenson, Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive participant


Kathy Dean's Abbreviated Field Guide to Mammal Behavior is a delightful  book that is already teaching me things about even well known species -- like the reason why chipmunks sing a morning song -- and it's small enough to slip into a day pack, in case you see sign of common or unusual creatures while out on the trail and want to learn more.

Erik Hoffner, environmental journalist with Mongabay News


Happily I join the ranks of authentic applause and JOY in possessing your new pocket guide. It delivers a portable plethora of information on mammal behavior in an easy-to-access format. It's like a tiny explosion of firework revelations and reinforcements for us nature lovers and wildlife devotees. I love this thing!  

 Lori Williams, Women's Wildlife Tracking Intensive and VWS Tracking programs participant


What an incredible book. In my own tracking pursuits, I have found the animal’s natural history to be central to everything as I follow the trails. This is such a good idea – and so cleanly laid out – and of course the perfect size. This is what it’s all about! Knowing our wild neighbors in the context of their own environment and the seasons. I love it and of course will be passing this along as a gift to a few folks I know – as well as referring many to it.

Josh Wood, tracking instructor with Flying Deer Nature Center


Thank you for this book!  I finally got some time to look at it more closely, and it's wonderful.  Nice work! I'm interested in ordering more as gifts for my staff, as well as a second copy for the farm library.

Ben Murray, director of Red Gate Farm Education Center


Hopefully many nature lovers find and relish the details of your book and also the many offerings you make to study and understand our native fauna.

Nancy Edwards, Tracking and Birding by Ear programs participant


I love your book! I bring it with me to my programs regularly. The kids love the illustrations, and especially love the silhouettes-size comparison – the young ones like to guess who the animals are and they pretty much learned them all (even the ones they hadn’t heard of) in a couple of weeks.

Caitlin Horigan, founder of White Ash Learning Cooperative

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